• Notice Sheet

    Sunday Club Summer Break
    The last Sunday Club session before the summer break will be on 16th July, Sunday Club will resume on 3rd September. Thank you to all the Sunday Club leaders and helpers for their time & hard work, enjoy your break!

    New Church Website
    I’m designing a new Church website & would like to include lots of photos of the church family. If you’d rather a photo of you did not appear on our website please contact the church office.

    Welcoming Our Curate
    Sarah & Adam have moved in to Lancing Rd, let’s all go out of our way to make them feel welcome as they arrive amongst our community. Sarah’s ordination service will be in St Albans Cathedral at 11.15am on 2nd July. If some people could be there to support Sarah that would be great. We will
    be holding a welcome BBQ on 9th July.

    Freecycle – recycle your unwanted goods.
    If you have stuff that isn’t suitable to give to charity shops – but you don’t
    want it adding to landfill sites, have you thought about joining trash
    nothing! at https://trashnothing.com ? Anyone with a computer can access
    this helpful way of recycling their unwanted possessions

    Safeguarding Update
    Introduction of Online Safeguarding Training
    The Diocese of St Albans have introduced online safeguarding training which is recommended for anyone who needs a basic level of awareness of safeguarding, including but not limited to: vergers, servers, welcomers, refreshment helpers, sidespersons & PCC members. Please contact the church office if you are involved in any of these ministries and have not attended deanery safeguarding training within the last 3 years. The office will give you instructions and support to complete the online training.

    Deanery Safeguarding Courses
    For those of you who are required to attend a deanery safeguarding course, please find below a list of the courses coming up which are close by:
    Sat 8th July, 10am-1pm at St Hugh’s Church (Leagrave)
    Tues 11th July, 7pm-10pm at Holy Saviour Church (Hitchin)
    Sat 22nd July, 10am-1pm at Linslade Church Hall (Dunstable)
    Tues 25th July, 7pm-10pm at St Paul’s Church (St Albans)
    Thurs 9th Nov 7pm-10pm at Holy Trinity Church (St Albans)
    To book your place go to www.stalbans.anglican.org/diocese/deanerysafeguarding/ or contact the church office. You can also contact the office if you wish to attend a course with others from St Francis.

  • Services & Events

    Regular Activities

    Morning Prayers ~ 1st & 3rd Saturdays, 8.00am
    Home Groups ~ Various days & times
    Brownies ~ Weekly on Fridays (term time), 6.15pm
    Ladies Club ~ Fortnightly Wednesdays, 2.00pm
    Rylands Youth Group ~ Weekly on Sundays, 7.15pm
    Please contact church office for more info!

    Transgender Agenda - Tues 20th June, Hope Church, 7.45pm
    A hotly debated issue of our time, how can we as Christians respond effectively? For more details go to

    Men’s Curry Night - Wed 21st June, Jay Raj, 8pm
    Everyone (men) welcome, please sign up at the back if you plan to come. The meal is £13/head, speak to Jamie for more info.

    The Shannon Express - Sat 24th June, Stopsley Baptist Church, 7.30pm
    Bedfordshire’s top acapella chorus group singing amazing harmonies to raise money for Youthscape. For tickets 877220/shannonexpress.eventbrite.co.uk

    Raising a Happy Child - Tues 27th June, Bute Mills, 7pm
    An event to equip parents with the skills they need to help their child(ren) grow in their emotional intelligence. For tickets go to youthscape.co.uk.

    Community Cream Tea - Cockernhoe School, Wed 28th June at 3.15pm
    All are invited to a FREE afternoon cream tea at the school. To help themcater pls confirm your attendance, 732509/admin@cockernhoe.herts.sch.uk

    Sunday Club Sticker Sunday - 2nd July
    Put the date in your diary for the annual Sunday Cub Sticker Sunday where the children can swap their attendance stickers for gifts & vouchers!

    Sarah’s Ordination - Sun 2nd July, St Albans Cathedral, 11.15am
    Come along to witness and support Sarah as she is ordained Deacon.

    Welcome BBQ for Sarah & Adam - Sun 9th July
    We’re having a BBQ to welcome Sarah & Adam after the 11am service. Sign up at the back if you’d like to come, £2/person or £5/family.

    Beach Academy - Mon 24th - Thurs 27th July, 10am -12.30pm
    SBC are running a bible based holiday club for children in primary school.
    See http://www.stopsley.me.uk/holiday-club for more info.

    PCC Action Summary [6th June 2017]

    • Short-term replacement of PreSchool is unlikely. Look to keep certain key items to support on-going Parent and Toddler Group. Rent Hall on limited basis and seek long-term options. Seek Church Prayer
    • Release funding so that good work can be completed on Lancing Rd as we welcome Sarah & Adam
    • Encouraged by Thy Kingdom Come esp HOPE Labyrinth. Open Church more often?
    • Agreed to get rid of excess chairs and 2 pews as part of de-cluttering
    • Adopted Safeguarding Posters and received Domestic Abuse statement for consideration next meeting
    • Progressed actions from Mission Action Plan [MAP]

    Opportunities for All!

    • Volunteers are essential for making our Sunday Services happen. We have a number of opportunities for people to discover that serving in a team not only blesses others but also helps develop our God-given gifts! If you would like to join any of our teams below pop your name on the list at the back.
    • Sunday Club: help our children & youth to grow in love for Jesus and His church by joining the Sunday Club Team.
    • Connect: help people feel welcome and make connections by joining our Welcome or Sidespersons Team.
    • Refreshments: show hospitality by joining our Refreshments team and serve tea & coffee between the services.
    • Prayer: lead the congregation in prayer by joining our team of Intercessors to pray for others and our world
    • Reading: share God’s word by joining our Readers Team to read the bible aloud.
    • Technical: help people enjoy St Francis by making it sound and look good by joining the Sound or Visuals Team.


  • Community Cafe

    coffee cupCommunity Café & Grass Cutting - 1st April, 10am-11.30am
    We’ll be painting an Easter poster for the new banner & supporting Luton Foodbank who are no longer receiving donations from Asda due to the fire. Bring along friends & neighbours & any donations for the foodbank & enjoy a cuppa & a cake. Weather permitting we’ll be cutting the grass, so if you’d like to help, do come along. If you’d like to distribute CC flyers, pls let the office know & we’ll provide you with some. There’s a street list at the back, pls make a note of the houses you deliver to.

    Community Cafe

    CC painting banner 2
    CC painting banner 3
    CC Banner Painting 1
  • Prayer Requests

    Please Pray For

    Please Pray For:

    Eddie Robinson who is feeling unwell

    Wendy Daniels’ father Gerald who has a new carer starting soon

    Percy Seymour who is having investigations.

    Oliver Gardener (Mary Barber’s nephew) please pray for his ongoing treatment

    Paul Butterfield (Caroline Harrower’s brother) who is recovering from acute pneumonia

    St Francis Pre-School (closing in July) staff, children, parents and committee as they need to make new arrangements

    To add someone to this list, fill in a prayer request form from the carousel & hand to the service leader or a member of the clergy team


    Other items to pray for

    pray for volunteers for a number of activities including
    Sunday Club, A V Desk, - see also Notice Sheet
    + help to get Lancing Road ready for Sarah & Adam
    - pray for ALPHA COURSE - for Christine & participants
    - pray for various joint Christian activities across Luton
    - pray for the General Election Thu 8 Jun 2017 - for
    accurate & reliable information to enable wise decisions
    - pray for planning for negotiations regarding leaving EU
    - for God centred principles & for the common good
    - pray for justice & wisdom in providing assistance
    - for the vulnerable & less able in our society
    - for refugees & displaced peoples

    “Devote yourselves to prayer being watchful & thankful” (Col 4:2)
    - pray for the Thy Kingdom Come initiative between
    Ascension Day & Pentecost Sunday & ongoing include
    - 5@5 - pray @5pm daily for 5 people to come to Jesus
    - Open Church - 10am-12noon - people to pray in church
    - Try Praying leaflets - to encourage non-religious people
    to “try praying” about something over period of 7 days
    - Sat Jun 3 - 8am Morning Prayers
    & 10am Community Café
    - Pentecost Praise Service - 6.30pm Stopsley Baptist Ch
    - pray that the gifts needed for the mission & ministry
    of our Church Family will be present within our
    Church Council & thro’ whole Church Membership

  • Prayer Diary June 2017-1

    1st – 7th June 2017

    Pray for –
    Community – Wigmore Estate
    - Wigmore Primary School; Pupils, Staff, Governors
    - Wigmore U R/ Methodist Church
    - Colwell Court Residential Home
    - Residents, Staff
    - Churchfield Health Centre
    - Recreation Area
    Church Team – Catering Team, Teas, Social Committee
    Mission Action- Purpose - an open, all-age community,
    centred on life changing love of Jesus &
    being salt & light in community
    House Group – Joan Moore
    Charity Sarah Casson/ Wycliffe Bible Translators
    Hall Users - African Apostolic Church
    Lord, as your Son has ascended, let us not be weighed down by sin, but look to him who has brought us everlasting glory, and now reigns with you and the Holy Spirit in your kingdom for ever. Amen
    Thu 1 Jun - Justin, Martyr at Rome
    - Schools Half Term Week
    - NHS Prayer Walk - Luton to Hemel Hempsted
    Thu 1 Jun 10am-12noon - St Francis ch open for prayer
    Fri 2 Jun 10am-12noon - St Francis ch open for prayer
    Sat 3 Jun - Morning Prayers - 8am -Hall Meeting Room
    Sat 3 Jun - 10am Community Café & Pentecost prayer
    - 10am - Pentecost Luton Prayer Walk - Stopsley/
    St Francis/ Kestin House 
    Saturday 3 Jun – Please pray for all who are preparing
    to lead worship on Sunday 4 Jun
    Sunday 4 Jun - PENTECOST
    Service – St Francis – 10AM
    Sermon Series— Lectionary - Pentecost
    Sunday 4 June 10.30am - Confirmation Service
    - St Hugh Lewsey - with Bishop Richard
    Tue 6 Jun - 7.45pm - PCC
    Wed 7 Jun- 10.10am - Cockernhoe School Assembly
    - 2pm HOPE grp - Hall
    - 7.15pm - Safeguarding Meeting


    8th – 14th June 2017
    Pray for –
    Community – Cockernhoe, Mangrove, Tea Green
    & Rural Housing
    - St Hugh’s Church & Church Yard
    - Cockernhoe Cof E Primary School
    Pupils, Teachers, Governors
    - Village Hall
    - Farming & Rural Businesses & Leisure
    Church Team – House Group Leaders & Assistants
    Mission Action- Values - Attentive - alert to God’s voice
    Authentic - being true to God by
    matching our actions to our words
    House Group – Jacky Wilson
    Charity – Wenlock Cof E Junior School
    Hall Users - Ladies Club
    Thu 8 Jun - General Election
    Fri 9 Jun - Columba, Abbot of Iona, Missionary
    Sat 10 Jun 10am - CYFA Training Mtg - Church Hall
    Saturday 10 Jun – Please pray for all who are preparing
    to lead worship on Sunday 11 Jun
    Sun 11 Jun - Barnabus, Apostle
    Sunday 11 Jun - Trinity Sunday
    Services – St Francis – 9.15 & 11.00
    With Holy Communion @ 11am
    Sermon Series: Values - Attentive - John5:16-23
    1Sam3:1-21; Acts16:6-10
    Mon 12 Jun - 12 Noon - Funeral - The Vale
    - 8pm - Social Committee
    Wed 14 Jun - 2pm - Ladies Club - Social


  • Prayer Diary June 2017-2

    15th – 21st June 2017

    Pray for -
    Community – Wigmore Office, Leisure & Shopping area
    - ASDA ) Owners, Shop Assistants - Wigmore Shops) Customers
    - Health Care - Service users, staff
    - Leisure, Restaurants,
    Customers, Staff
    - Wigmore Place Offices – Companies,
    - Luton BC Offices – Wigmore Hall
    - Wigmore Recreation Area; Tidy Tip
    Church Team – Stewards, Sides People, PP Team
    Mission Action- Values- Accountable - challenging each
    other discerning & using Spiritual gifts
    Fruitful - Abiding in Jesus, allowing God
    to shape us & make us more effective
    House Group – Liz Cooper
    Charity – Hands of Mercy
    Hall Users - Bridge Clubs & Luton& UKITF Taekwondo
    Thu 15 Jun - Corpus Christi - Day of Thanksgiving
    for Holy Communion
    Sat 17 Jun 8-9am - Morning Prayers - Hall Meeting Room
    Saturday 17 Jun – Please pray for all who are preparing
    to lead worship on Sunday 18 Jun
    Sunday 18 Jun - 1st Sunday after Trinity
    Services – St Francis – 9.15 & 11.00
    With Baptism @11am
    Include particular prayer for -
    - Communion Assistants, - Communion Servers
    - Intercessory Prayers - Lesson Readers
    Sermon Series— Values - Authentic - Mat7:15-27;
    1Thes1:2-10; Micah6:6-8
    Sun 18 Jun - 2.30pm - Baptism - St Francis Ch
    Mon 19 Jun - 7pm - Health & Safety Mtg
    8pm - MinT Mtg
    Tue 20 Jun - 7.30pm - Bute Mills Youth Work Training
    Wed 21 Jun - Mid Summers Day
    - 2pm - HOPE Grp - hall


    22nd – 30th June 2017

    Pray for –
    Community – Luton Airport & Related Businesses
    - Passengers, Management,
    Airline & Workshop staff
    - Security & Safety Teams
    - Retail Shops – Owners, Staff, Customers
    - Airport Chaplaincy Team
    - Transport Links & Car Parking
    Church Team – Visiting Team, Maintenance Team
    Mission Action- Values- Loving -Responding to God’s love
    in Jesus by sharing all he provides
    Celebrating- Joyfully recognising God’s
    goodness to enliven us & glorify Him
    House Group – Martin Ellway
    Charity – Youthscape, Tear Fund
    Hall Users - NEET.TEENS Youth Club/ Line Dancing
    Thu 22 Jun - Alban - 1st Martyr of Britain
    Sat 24 Jun - Birth of John the Baptist
    - Alban Pilgrimage - St Alban’s
    Saturday 24 Jun – Please pray for all who are preparing
    to lead worship on Sunday 25 Jun
    Sunday 25 Jun - 2nd after Trinity
    Services – St Francis – 9.15 & 11.00
    Open Church Sunday
    Sermon Series - Values - Accountable
    - Mat20:20-28, Eph4:7-16; Neh4:15-23
    Mon 26 Jun - 2.30pm - Cockernhoe school Assembly
    @ St Hugh’s
    Wed 28 Jun - Ember Day - Prayer for those who serve
    in the Church
    Thu 29 Jun - Peter & Paul, Apostles
    Fri 30 Jun - Ember Day of Prayer for those who serve
    in the Church

  • New Curate

    Introducing Sarah Hancock
    – Curate at St Francis from July 2017

    Nick writes… I am delighted to be able to pass on the good news that from July next year we will be joined by Sarah Hancock as training Curate. I am excited by this opportunity and hope you will join me in welcoming Sarah & Adam as we look forward to their partnership with us.

    curate1Sarah Writes… Hi there! We are Sarah and Adam Hancock. For the past 18 months we have been living in Cambridge while Sarah completed her academic training for ordination in the Church of England, but we are both excited to be making the move to Luton and to join in with what God is doing in our church.
    Sarah is originally from the North West of England, but the 12 years ‘down south’ have rendered her Scouse accent untraceable. Adam is from Watford and on the verge of completing a degree in English Literature at Queen Mary University in East London. We met at a large charismatic evangelical church in Watford and both worked at the church on the Admin Team and Youth respectively.
    When Sarah isn’t studying she is often found on the side-lines cheering on Watford Rugby Club who Adam plays for. Sarah likes tea, black and Adam coffee, also black. Adam likes anything active, more so if it requires diving around in the mud, Sarah likes to cosy up on the sofa (it’s safer there!). We are both avid Arsenal fans, love dancing (Adam maybe too much), and any good television drama.

St. Francis Parish Church, Carteret Road, Luton. LU2 9JZ. Tel 01582 451132 (Parish Office)
E-mail :  office@stfrancisluton.org.uk
The church office is now open on Mondays from 9.15am-3.15pm and on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9.15am-2.30pm. The office is closed on Thursdays and Fridays.

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